Monetize Your Traffic: Earn from Short Links with FlexLink!

Monetize Your Traffic: Earn from Short Links with FlexLink!
Have you ever wondered how to maximize the efficiency of your links on the internet? What if we told you that every single one of your links could become a source of income? FlexLink offers you exactly that opportunity!

How does it work?

The principle of our service is very simple: you shorten your long links using our tool and receive a shortened version. Then, you share this short link with your audience on the internet, whether it's on your blog, social media, or other traffic sources. The idea is that when a user clicks on this short link, they will see not only the content you offer but also a small advertisement.

Earn on every ad view

Our users earn money for every ad view displayed on the page after clicking on the short link. Even if a user views multiple ads, your earnings will increase. We have two tariff plans: Pro and Pro+, depending on which your earnings can significantly increase.

Pro Plan: Users of this plan receive 0.1 cent for each ad view. This means that if three ads are displayed in one link, you can earn up to 0.3 cents per click. A simple mathematical calculation shows that your income grows in a geometric progression with a large number of visits. For clarity, let's look at an example of earnings with 10 thousand views.

Let's assume your link received 10 thousand views. With the Pro tariff, you will earn:

10,000 views * 0.3 cents = $30

Pro+ Plan: The Pro+ plan provides even more favorable earning conditions. Here, you receive 0.15 cents for each ad view, meaning you can earn up to 0.45 cents per click if three ads are displayed in the link.

Let's see how your earnings will change with the same 10 thousand views using the Pro+ plan:

10,000 views * 0.45 cents = $45

Withdrawal terms

We strive to make the process of withdrawing earned funds as convenient as possible for our users. The only conditions to meet are:

  1. Minimum withdrawal amount - just $10. Once your earnings reach this amount, you can request a withdrawal of funds.
  2. Paid subscription - to withdraw funds, you need to have any of the paid subscriptions (Pro or Pro+). This requirement allows us to ensure stability and security for all users of our platform.

Don't forget about monetization rules

Our users can also familiarize themselves with our monetization rules on the respective page. It contains the most up-to-date information about the program and its terms.

Start earning today!

Don't miss the opportunity to increase your income through internet traffic. FlexLink offers you a simple and effective way to monetize every one of your links. Join us today and start earning money from your content!
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